Sunday, June 17, 2007

Inspired by Paris je t'aime

I went to see the film Paris je t'aime (Paris, I love you) yesterday. It has about 20 short stories about love, set in different locations in Paris. I loved the film, as it has like 20 different directors for each of the short films, and a host of brilliant actors. I particularly liked the ones by Wes Craven, Gurindher Chadha, The Coen brothers, Alexander Payne, Tom Tykwer and Gus Van Sant.

Inspired by Paris je t'aime, I set out to write a script for a story set in Hyderabad. A husband and wife on their way to buy a necklace.


Raju and Sunitha are driving to a jewellery shop on their motorbike. They halt at the traffic light near Sarathi studios. Sunitha has her arms clasped on Raju's chest, and her head over his shoulder.

Sunitha: How much do I have to buy the necklace ?
Raju: They don't sell necklaces for Queen Victoria there, I am sure I'll have enough for you.
Sunitha: Alright then, I'll have the best one.
Raju: Yeah you should get something enough to keep you quiet for five years.
Sunitha: I never asked you for one, you said it was a gift for our first anniversary.
Raju: Yeah, like that is indeed some reason to set me off by a lakh.
Sunitha: Is it then because you love me so much.

Sunitha is laughing. Raju is smiling.

Sunitha: A lakh is something, I thought you would buy me something to the order of 10, 000.
Raju: Okay then, we'll make it 10, 000.

The traffic moves. Raju and Sunitha drive through to get to Ameerpet, the traffic moves at snail's pace. They move past the footwear store Bata.

Sunitha: Can I get new footwear too ?
Raju: Anything for madam. It will be closed by the time we get back, we'll go another day.
Sunitha: Okay.

They move on again only to come to a halt after a short distance.

Sunitha: There is a lot of traffic today.
Raju: Yeah, maybe all husbands are buying things for their wives.
Raju: You should learn driving. I also don't use the car often, it's always at home.
Sunitha: Yeah good idea, you should get me a credit card too, in that case.
Raju: I take back my idea. Anyways, isn't my driving you around, oh so romantic ?
Sunitha: It just seems hectic to me, with all the traffic.
Raju: I should have listened when my aunts cautioned me about marrying an intelligent woman.

The traffic moves on and they reach the building where the jewellery shop is located. They enter the jewellery shop, and the owner of the shop, on seeing them approaches to welcome them. They exchange hellos. Sunitha is looking around to see where necklaces are located. The owner and Raju smile at each other.

Sunitha: They're there, I'll go look.

Raju follows Sunitha, as the owner moves ahead of them to get ready to show them the necklaces. The owner opens up boxes and puts them before Sunitha for her to look. Sunitha looks at them, and immediately picks one up.

Sunitha: Look Raju, this one's similiar to the one Shobhana was wearing in what film was that, ..., and I said I loved it, remember ?

Raju is smiling.

Sunitha: How much is this ?
Owner: 95,000 madam.
Sunitha: Can I take this Raju, it's anyway 5,000 short of the budget you had in mind.
Raju: Yeah, take it.

Sunitha closes the box to hand it over to the owner, when on the box she glances at an engraving.

Sunitha: For Sunitha ?

Raju is smiling. Sunitha smiles back, overwhelmed.

Raju: Thank god, you didn't pick any of the other ones, I paid all that money to have this one made for you.


mythalez said...

cool ... nice story :)
and i guess i ought to watch that paris movie :D

Anonymous said...

u should watch more of action movies and things like CSI. Because half way down the story, i was like

"ok, so this female is asking too much now, wait for that guy to lose his temper" ...

then ..

"any moment now, he will go hit a truck head on"...

then ..

"ok, he will take the guards gun and shoot her"


"he will not pay that much .. cmon .. "

but as it seems, ur stories are not soemthing that interests me or thrills me :P no blood no fun :D

Balakrishna Chennupati said...

Thanks :). Yeah it's a good film, you should be able to enjoy it better since you've been to Paris.

I didn't know I had you as one of my readers :p. Yeah I know it's a little goody goody.

WillOdom said...

blast.. no love story by George bummer.. it's not a story unless a graveyard is involved.. I'll consult you on this subtle, yet fetching, technique on your next script ;)

Naga said...

Good. All the best in your endeavours.

Balakrishna Chennupati said...

@ Will
Oh yes I can definitely use it, anything for a love story :). Thanks for reading.

Thanks, I can't seem to recognize you, do I know you ?

Su said...

wow! nice story, i was trying to guess the ending but you packed a nice one there!

Aravind Krishna K said...

@Su: hmm... after all, inspired by whom [:P]

Balakrishna Chennupati said...

Thanks :).

You want the credits, don't you :p ?

Dutt A said...

nice ending.. :)
was impressive on the whole.

Dutt A said...

and i do agree with rao, u shud watch more dashing movies, so that ppl like us can enjoy every bit of the story.. ;)

Sumanth said...

Nice! :)

Anonymous said...

This is really simple and creative! Interesting read - love the subtlety.

Anonymous said...

i don't like your story. i think it's unoriginal, boring and without any true meaning to it...the movie you're talking about is great, but you should not bother writing the scripts any longer...