Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Snow!

About two weeks back, we finally got to see what sense there was in living through a -20 degrees centigrade temperature. It Snowed. Pictures here.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Winter '06

Central Park, New York.

I was visiting my cousin in Groton, Connecticut for the winter. We traveled to Fords, NJ from there as my cousin's mother was to catch a flight to India in Newark. That afforded me a trip to New York City, undoubtedly the high point of my sightseeing. On day one in NJ, my cousin and I drove to Queen's in New York where he had some work and we went to Manhattan later. We drove through the Manhattan streets, looking at the high rises from our car. A two hour drive and we were only able to see the Empire state building and Times square. Unsatisifed and determined to get on the subway and the free Staten Island Ferry that gives a glimpse of the statue of liberty, I set out next day alone and traveled by train from Fords, NJ to NYC. I decided that my itinerary would cover the Central park and the staten island ferry. As I walked down from the Penn station where I got down towards Central Park, other landmarks greeted me. New York is like one big exhibition, and walking the streets is a great experience. A picture story of my day in NYC is here.

At Groton, I was at home for the most part, catching up on telugu movies, eating and surprising my relatives waking up after noon. My cousin drove me one night to a casino called the Mohegan Sun in Mystic town. I fed 10 dollars to the machines there. Groton is a small seaside town, and I visited the shore. I went there on a day when the sun was up and the weather was nice, and given that I had only seen the sea twice before in my life, it was an engrossing experience. At Fords too I was for the most part at home, save for the trips to New york city and malls nearby. For new year's eve I was at the same place with my relatives. We watched the crowds at Times square on TV and cut a cake. For the record, it was the first time I wasn't at home in Hyderabad for New Year. Pictures of Groton and Fords here.

From Monday, it's back to classes and I'm looking forward to it.