Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Twenty Three years Old

And so my birthday falls at a time when winter is beginning to change into spring, a time for possible sunshine, and potential sickness. I fell sick again this year like I did last time. I went to visit a doctor on the 24th, and I heard people wish her happy birthday. So I saw the doctor on her birthday, and she seeing my birth date on my record, wished me a happy birthday in advance. So in the grand scheme of things, I must have been born on the 25th of March so that in 2008, I would wish a doctor and her me. Or maybe there's more. The film director David Lean, musician Elton John and actress Sarah Jessica Parker were also born today (Happy Birthday, if one of you is reading this). I will just have to wait and see if they'll put me up on that list. That was maybe an act of self-indulgence, but I guess you're allowed that on your birthday. Thanks all of you who wished me well, and made my day less ordinary.

Addendum: Actually, that page is on Wikipedia, which means I could put myself on that list now, but that can wait till I'm eligible.